WEMI is a great tool for planning digital events. This document contains the solutions that WEMI offers to produce first level digital events, such as pre-recorded broadcasts and a live broadcast on Youtube, Facebook or Twitch.

In this document, we will start with all the basics, from learning how to use the WEMI platform with a student role. In addition, we will share important resources so that 


  • Inform users (student role) of the basic characteristics, specifications and guidance of the virtual graduation process on the WEMI platform. 
  • Provide the user with the necessary attention and information to use the required digital platform. 


The information contained in this document applies to everything from a user’s login procedure, viewing the welcome page, language selection, how to upload images and videos to the virtual platform, to explaining how to send invitations to the people closest to the end user.


The general navigation map of the virtual grading process in WEMI is established and should be navigated as shown in the following graphic.

Figura 1. WEMI Student Role Navigation Map



The values destined to enter the platform are:

  • Email
  • Password

These are created when the user registers in the system and it is essential that the student knows them

  • Natural access
  • Direct access.


5.1.1 Forget password and remember my data 

If you forgot your password, remember to select the option “Forgot your password?

  • Email address: Fill in the user name and you will receive a link in your email to reset your password.
  • Reset password: It is the simple action of changing your password. You must write down your new password and click on Save. For your password to be successful it must be at least 6 characters including numbers and a capital letter.


On this page you will find a greeting, a welcome message and you can view your profile as a student. You can start the process of creating memories by following the instructions given. 


On this page you will find your profile, you have the possibility to Select the language you want (Spanish or English USA)


You must follow the instructions and click on “Let’s get started!”

5.4.1 Select file

Choose the images that bring good memories, for this step you have two options; You can select maximum 4 files in the button where it says “Select file” where you must upload image by image and in the other option of “Show Gallery” the images that have been uploaded to the platform are visualized.

5.4.2 Show gallery 

Once the images are uploaded, they can be viewed and a message appears with the number of uploaded images “3 out of 4 uploaded images”.

5.4.3 Delete images 

Additionally, when you select the image, a “trash” symbol appears so that you can delete the loaded photo. By clicking on the “Update photo” button you can return to the initial option to reload the images that bring back good memories of you. 


5.5.1 Select file

In this option you can share a small video message to your classmates, where you have the option to “Select File” with the specifications mentioned in the previous image. 

5.5.2 Delete video

Video successfully removed


You can invite up to 10 people to your ceremony. Family and friends are welcome.

5.6.1 Invite

  • Name: Student’s full name. 
  • Mail: Student’s mail, must have the following format (ejemplo@correo.com), valid for any type of mail (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, yopmail, educational, corporate, etc)
  • Phone: Guest’s phone must have an international format (+57 3154786355)
  • Family or Friend: Select type of relationship (Friend, Relative, Parent, Guest)

5.7 HELP

In this module you will find the most frequently asked questions and their answers to address all the doubts presented. In case you don’t find the answer within this FAQ you can access the chatbot service for better results and user support. 


By clicking on this option you will have several options to consider: 

  • If you enter before the start of the virtual graduation, it will automatically send you to the countdown of the event.
  • If you entered after the start of the virtual graduation, it will automatically send you to the live stream that is being performed during the day. 
  • If you entered after the time of the live stream, it will automatically send you to the schedule of pre-recorded content during the day.
  • If you enter after the time of the pre-recorded agenda, it will automatically send you to the option of viewing the content of the yearbook.

5.8.1 Countdown

At the end of the file upload and invitation sending process you will be able to see the countdown of your graduation

5.8.2 Live stream

After finishing the countdown you will be able to see the live one programmed by the educational entity. 

5.8.3 Watch ceremony

Once the live show is over, the “View Ceremony” button should be selected

On the right side you can see a list in order of the pre-recorded videos for the ceremony. 

5.8.4 Go to my yearbook

When all video content events are finished, this option will be enabled to view the contents of the yearbook. You must click on the gift image where it says “Go to my yearbook” 

Re-enter your username and password 

You will be able to visualize a greeting and an emotional message according to the effort of your graduation. You can play the audio greeting by the principal of the educational institution, finally you must select the “Start here!” button.

You can view all the images you have uploaded in your growth process. You must select the “Continue” button 

The awards of excellence and commitment to the study will be displayed. 

Viewing video and written messages from classmates, guests, family members and parents.


5.9.1 View modules Home

Module where all the prizes, messages, videos and photos sent by the guests to the student appear. On this screen you can perform three actions; visualize the files, share the student’s profile with other friends and select the privacy of the files (if you want only your profile to be seen by your family, friends, classmates, only me or leave it public). Classmates

On this screen you can perform two actions; Search for the name of your classmates and display their yearbook profile. Memories

In this module only the messages that have been sent by the guests to the student will be displayed. Signatures

On this screen you must perform two actions; fill in the student’s name in the “Pair name” box and fill in a message for your yearbook.  Notifications

In this module you can visualize the notifications and view all your activities.  More

On this screen you can perform 4 actions; view your profile, make invitations, view your guests and log out.  Help

Help button for support and assistance to WEMI users.